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Fixatex Ltd Environmental Policy

Fixatex LTD have been providing superior electrical services since year 2000. Out team of professional electricians cover the whole South East of England, we perform domestic maintenance and repairs as well as specialising in commercial work and new build installations. We also offer a comprehensive range of security and fire protections measures for all properties. 

We maintain a strong reputation for reliability, punctuality and excellent customer service, demonstrated by high volume of repeat trade and referral work we undertake. As part of our commitment to continual improvement of corporate governance, we place environmental considerations at the heart of our activities. We have established, documented, implemented and maintain an Environmental management system which meets the requirements of the ISO14001:2015 Standard.


In particular, we will:


- Establish objectives and targets in order to continually improve our environmental performance. 

- Be committed to the protection of the environment including prevention of pollution.

- Comply with all relevant legislation, government guidelines, regulations and other requirements such as industry codes of proactive on environmental issues. 

- Reduce the use of natural resources by efficient use of fossil fuels, waste minimisation and recycling. 

- Work with our clients and suppliers to further reduce environmental impacts and conservice natural resources. 

- Develop our management processes to ensure that environmental factors are considered during planning and implementation. 


This policy shall be reviewed annually at Management Review meetings by Top Management to ensure it remains appropriate to the purpose and context of our people. 


Fixatex Ltd are committed to assuming that this policy is communicated, implemented, understood and maintained at all levels of the business and relevant interested parties. 


Environmental Policy Anchor
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