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Client: London & Quadrant

Location: Croydon, London

Project Length: 3 Weeks

A full LED Upgrade of around 400 LED Fittings was completed at this block in Croydon. All light fittings we're manufactured by Thorlux. Areas included all internal corridors and staircase's, plant rooms, intake and storage cupboards, plus external areas as well as the underground car park lighting. 


A full test of all internal wiring was completed prior to the upgrade to ensure cabling was satisfactory, and some of the lighting distribution equipment was upgraded to RCBO's for certain environments. All lighting was controlled by internal motion and day light sensors, on completion we arranged for Thorlux to return to complete commissioning. 

On completing all documentation including Thorlux Commissioning documents we're handed over to the client in an O&M type format.

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